EasyType 1.32



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: FlashPeak, Inc

Category: Business  >  Word Processing



EasyType auto-completes words/phrases, auto-expand shorthands in any applications on MS Windows. It also provides clipboard and shell enhancement functions. EasyType liberates you from the pain of typing by making you type as fast as you think. With EasyType, you are no longer typing character by character. You are typing word by word and phrase by phrase. EasyType enjoys an audience of programmers, lawyers, medical clerks, translators, students, and secretaries. EasyType is most suitable for those who deal with heavy typing work everyday and esp. ideal if what they type deal with a special topic in most time. Major features:1. Auto-Learn, Auto Prompt and Auto-Complete words/phrases in any applications on windows 2. Auto-Prompt, Auto-Expand shorthands in any applications on windows 3. Supporting multiple language vocabulary, multiple professional library and multiple shorthand library. 4. Embedded editing to carry out editing functions in any applications 5. Clipboard enhancement (32 clipboard buffer queue, appending mode copy, mouse paste) 6. Shell enhancement (provide convenient access to files, folders, email contacts, internet resources, etc)

Systems: Windows

Tags: auto expand shorthands   words phrases   shell enhancement   expand shorthands   auto prompt   auto expand   auto   easytype   typing   applications   windows  

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